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Product Description


Wuxin WHL Mesh Fence is made of high quality galvanized steel plate and high-strength column,

and composed of stainless steel screw connections. Installation convenient, safe and high performance. 

Suitable for highways, ports, railways, stadiums, and square envelope.


Wuxin Fence Product Features:

1. The automatic welding machine ensure the overall flatness and aesthetics; 

Uprights steel substrate and flexibility make the fence product has good impact 


2. Advanced electrostatic spraying and four anti-corrosion treatment ensure the using life 

of the product and good self-cleaning properties.

3. Good weather resistance, salt spray resistance and heat-resistant properties make it suitable for use in different regions.

4. Excellent decorative and rich colors can meet different customer's individual 



Product Standard specifications and technical parameters

Product Type



Mesh height



Mesh width



Post diameter



Post height




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