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Caoruizhen was reward as cangzhou victress in 2008
The gold autumn, news keep pouring, our staff lofty furious, toast for celebration. On 25th,Nov.Cao ruizhen,the excellent workers,come back with proud,and the victory meeting is held in the large meeting room,Dao baohai ,the vice mayor,attend the meeting and have a important speech,and Chengxiuzhen,the president of Municipal Federation of Trade Unions make speech.they expressed hearty congratulations and greetings.And some leaders from Municipal labor bureau, industrial promotion board, federation and Cane zhuangzi township attend this meeting.
Cao Ruizhen ,our staff working in packing workshop not only obtain’ Hebei outstanding workers’,but also’ National outstanding workers’,and go to Beijing to attent the meeting on 16th,Nov. he is kindly interviewed by the national leaders.the successful activity for electing excellent workers embody the national leaders take highly concern and support for the workers.and much concerned about the enterprise.
Cao Ruizhen obtainied reward is a happy event for our company.and proud of huanghua . Facing the current grim international economic situation, this reward is coming in a better time,it must encourage all the staff of our learning advanced, affirm the confidence, grasp the nettle,, completing the work in 2008.
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