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The Federations entrepreneurs forum was held in our company
In July and August, our company catche this opportunity dismantles wall through green and accelerate the guardrail of the process of sales in domestic market.At present,the guardrail saling in demestic market make good progress.our company has finished guardrail production and installation for Cangzhou newspaper office,Huanghua environmental protection agency,and personnel bureau.
On 15th,Aug.the Federations entrepreneurs forum was held in our company,which center on variety of 30 anniversary for innovation,and have much confidence with the economy in future.Minister Dent in Committee propaganda department took part in this forum,and give active evaluation,and every department in the goverment must Cooperate with the enterprise is economic construction.
From the middle of August,our company organize varies kinds of activities for not only insider go to explain some technology,training manner of financial knowledge ,but also watch video about the specialist explaining the manner of management and Business Etiquette.Rich contents make us learn more knowledge,enlarge our visual field,enhance our studying passioh.
5s management put into effect,every workshop lay out actively,reasonable arrangement and establish implementing standard in various stages.5s assessment team will select to compare and process to evaluate according to the collect rankings every week.
Gz company will come to negotiate new product.
The construction of Cold gas station has partly finished,and the boiler,pipeline and electrial motor has accessed to install and debug phase,and predict to finish in September.
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