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The company's fifteen Anniversary Concert party ended successfully
Scorching summer, happy accompanying. Evening of July 4, I was party to celebrate the 91 anniversary of the company, the plant-fifth anniversary special evening held at City Hall Plaza was held. Sweet voice, graceful dances and entrepreneurial programs featuring turns staged. Huanghua Dong Wenchang Municipal Committee, Municipal Organization Department Yueh Ho, Municipal Propaganda Minister Cheng Xiuzhen, Keidanren chairman Xufang Lin and Teng Zi township government, Municipal Federation of Industry and other leaders with my part of the company staff, the general public watched show.
Evening of water over a period of passionate inspiration "China Dragon" in the prelude. Staff Zibianziyan dance "happiness folk", Shandong clapper, red song medley and other programs attracted the audience bursts of applause. Ying-Ming Wang, general manager poem recitation "five Xin Garden - our common home" and Han Jianhua couple prepared San Juban "five Xin employees a pro" has become the biggest highlight of the evening. Two works in plain language but soulful depicts five Xin fifteen years made brilliant achievements, eulogize the company's builders for the development of Huanghua economy hard, pioneering spirit. For the active atmosphere, contribute to the majority of employees, the company also specially arranged in the performance gap lucky draw. Deputy Minister of Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department of the En-chiu, City Federation Party secretary Tian Yu Xiang, Zi Teng Wang Zaipeng mayor of the township government were obtained twelve employees were awarded third prize prizes. Finally, the party at the factory song "We are all the way forward" slowly came to an end.
The entire show is compact, colorful, warm atmosphere, a variety of audiences loved performances demonstrating WUXIN people good spirit, enrich the cultural life at the same time, everyone has deepened my understanding of corporate culture.
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