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Corporate Mission

As the largest Chinese garden hardware products manufacturer, we are committed to providing customers with the highest quality products and services, continued to play a team of wisdom and force, continue to create maximum value for customers, to build a green, safe and eco-cultural environment tireless efforts.

Enterprise Mission

Development Enterprise: Enterprise is a staff development arena is a platform for creating value for customers, is the basis for the realization of social values, only to grow, companies can continue to survive.

Serve the country: return to the community is the bounden duty and obligation enterprises, national strength, the enterprise strength.

Returns to shareholders: Investment of funds injected human enterprise, it is the blood of healthy growth companies, investors get a reasonable income, is conducive to sustainable development of enterprises.

Wealthy Staff: Talent is the core of Everlasting, employees continue to achieve positive revenue growth, improving the quality of life of employees, so that everyone work happily, happy life.


Solidarity: like-minded and full cooperation for the sustainable development of the garden Wuxin unremitting struggle.

Dedicated: based on their own virtue and duration, and constantly improve job skills and professionalism.

Pragmatic: rigorous and meticulous, realistic, with strict standards of excellence and improvement requirements.

Innovation: fear challenges, the courage to break the endless road of technological innovation never stop.